Cleaning, The Idea

Move Your Feet

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about how to be effective and efficient in keeping a calm, clean, and clutter-free home. The goal of this site is to share the best of what I know. Even the most helpful tips and tricks, however, won’t change the fact that it’s work. And not just work, but repetitive work. The dishes may be done today, but there will be more tomorrow. In every household, entropy is an awesome and powerful force. To stay ahead of that gradual move toward disorder, you have to move your feet.

Move your feet became a guiding principle when my kids were little and the work of parenting was so very physical. I was fighting back against not only disorder, but mutiny. There were three of them, and they couldn’t get a whiff of resignation from me. I had to cheer myself on through those days: Move your feet. Move your feet.

I still run those words through my head like a mantra when the days are long and exhausting because the days are so often long and exhausting. But even when I’m at my most tired, if I can get started and get something done, the effort gives something back.

How often have you woken up in the morning wishing you had more to drink the night before or wishing that you had stayed up even later flipping through the channels? But I am guessing you have woken up and wished that you hadn’t left last night’s dishes until the morning or cursed the state of your closet when you’re trying to get dressed or come home after work defeated by the chaos in your house.

The answer is not in wine or whining, it’s in work. Small efforts add up, just as the absence of effort adds up. Move your feet.