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A Deeper Clean: The Kitchen Sink

Get rid of coffee and tea stains, grease, stuck on food, and the germy film that collects in your kitchen sink with a 60-second scrub down. You should do this once or twice a week depending on how much use your sink gets. It’s also a great final use for your worn out dishwashing or counter sponges.

  1. Empty the sink and clear out food debris.

2. Squirt out a half dollar size dollop of scrubbing cleanser. I like Soft Scrub with bleach. Use a sponge that you are ready to toss out or a paper towel to scrub the cleanser into the entire surface of the sink. Don’t use a sponge that you plan to keep using. Apply some elbow grease and get into every corner and up the sides.

3. Turn on the faucet and continue wiping down the sink as you rinse with clear water until all of the cleanser and dirt is rinsed out.

4. If you want a really sparkling sink, use a rag or dish towel to dry it to a shine.