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Dirt Cheap, Mess-Free DIY Hand Soap

Foaming hand soaps are great. They conserve soap and makes less soapy, soupy mess in the bathroom. Foaming hand soaps are also a really silly thing to buy because they are roughly 99% water.

You only ever need to buy one foaming soap dispenser for each bathroom. Don’t go out a buy a special container, just purchase a pretty bottle of foaming soap from your drug store or grocery store. When it’s empty, refill it yourself. You don’t need a recipe. You don’t need to measure anything. You just need to buy a big container of Dr. Bronner’s Castile SoapYup, the crunchy “magic soap” with the crazy-talking label. The 32 ounce bottle will run you between $9 and $13, and you can find it at Whole Foods, any natural foods store, or online (the actual Dr. Bronner’s site charges a higher price). It comes in ten really nice scents, and it will truly last you forever. We have three well-used bathrooms in our busy house, and have barely put a dent in the bottle in two years. We have also filled and refilled the same dispensers for years.

To Make Your Own Soap
  • When you’ve used up the soap in the dispenser, rinse the inside and outside of the bottle and the spout to remove any dirt and grime. Squirt in enough Dr. Bronner’s soap to cover the bottom of the container with about 1/4 inch of soap.
  • Fill the rest of the container with water. If you use a slow stream of cold water, it foams less.
  • Replace the spout, give it a gentle shake, and get on with your day having kept $3 in your pocket and one plastic bottle off the Earth.