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School Lets Out, the Stuff Comes Home

As the weather gets warmer and warmer and the end of school draws nearer and nearer, my kids’ backpacks start getting heavier and heavier. All the shiny school supplies that went in that first week with hope and good intentions, come back used and abused along with countless papers, art projects, and classroom decorations. By …

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Two Tools to Smooth Out Your Week

Online calendars are lifesavers—we all moved over to them for good reason. My husband and I can both see the family calendar on our computers and phones. I can automatically add the next appointment while I’m at the orthodontist with my son. Pings from my work calendar keep me from getting immersed in something and …

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How to Stop Doing Laundry All the Time

Oh, the laundry. I can’t remember it ever being the easy check mark on the list. As a single person, I was in college dorms and cheap apartments where laundry day meant hauling clothes to a basement laundry room where you hoped to find an empty and working machine and enough quarters to cover that …