About Bright Blue Weather

Bright Blue Weather is filled with the ideas, methods, and routines I have developed over three decades of keeping house. From taking care of my parents’ split level as a 1980s latch-key kid to making happy spaces out of a string of crummy apartments through my twenties to transforming a crumbling 100-year-old city row house into a livable home, I have scrubbed places big and small, modern and old, crappy and grand. I’ve done it as a student, a professional, a wife, a mom to three kids, and several of those things all at once. I know what it’s like to be drowning in the demands of work and family. I also know how much better it all flows when you have your house in order. Bright Blue Weather is about creating more joy in your home with steps that are approachable and achievable. I also think you’ll find the advice can help you save money and tread softer on the Earth. I hope you will find a few tips and ideas that clear the skies in your life.

Have ideas, questions, or comments?  Reach out at contact@brightblueweather.com